Retirement Day #1- Wiley’s Log

This morning, Mom and Dad got up and let me out of my kennel. I went for a walk with Mom and the kids. It was a different route than we normally take and there are two other dogs on that route. I made sure to pee everywhere, so they knew I had been there. Later on our walk, we stopped. This big, loud, bright vehicle came and the kids got on. I wanted to get on, too. There was a lot of noise and smells coming from inside of it. I did not have a chance to figure it out before it left with the kids. Mom said it was okay, so I let them leave.

When we got home, she did not put me back in my kennel! I was so excited I had to chew something. I found some waxy tasting, colorful, paper wrapped tube shaped things on the floor. Mom called them “crayons” and said my poop would end up rainbow colored if I wasn’t careful. That sounds fun! Later on, I found this thing they called “Panda.” Panda had so many smells and was perfect to shake. But I got told “No” again and Panda disappeared.

I ran around for most of the day. It was so awesome! There are so many smells in the house and things going on. Mom spends a lot of the day in the kitchen. In the mornings she makes something that makes my mouth water. They called it “bacon.” She let me have a tiny piece. I plan on staring at her every time she is in the kitchen. I think that means she will give me more.

The other dog in the house, Jasmine, does not seem too interested in anything other than barking at things outside of the house. I don’t understand why. There is always something to smell or watch. I can trot from one room, to another room, to another room, and back into the first room all day long! I can lay down in the bed if I want to. The kids are always moving, Mom is always in the kitchen cooking stuff that smells great, and Dad keeps rubbing my back telling me I am a good boy. The kids ran through the house, and I tried to chase them. But Mom or Dad always caught us and yelled “No.” We had to stop. Sometimes Mom yelled at the kids, usually telling them I was not like the other dog. I heard her tell them that we all still need to be careful. I am not sure what we need to be careful of, but I will keep my eyes and ears open.

I spent a lot of the day walking through the house, following my family around, and staring at Mom in the kitchen. It was a GREAT day! I hope I get to do this again. Mom was talking to Dad about Monday. Something is happening Monday. Maybe on Monday I get to run around again. I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Mom’s Log

Today went well. Wiley did great, although I wish we had a step tracker for him. I think he trotted through the house for eight hours straight. He is such a joy to have around. The kids love that he is out. We are still cautious. He likes to chase the kids when the run through the house. It is hard to explain to them without worrying them or making them think he is a mean dog. He is such a sweet dog, but he has been trained to do certain things and we must be mindful of that. Even when he was chasing people, biting people, or tracking people, it was always a game and fun to him. He has spent his entire life in a kennel, going outside for walks, and in the back of patrol car. It will take some time for us all to adjust to him as a house dog. Regardless, I am so proud of him and how well he is doing. I am still heartbroken knowing that on Monday, he will watch his best friend leave for w-o-r-k without him.


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