Retirement Day # 2

You are not going to believe it. Today I was let out of my kennel again and allowed to roam the house all day long! I was even more excited,  I spent a lot of the day running around trying to find something to chew on. Oddly enough, there were a lot less things on the floor. I wonder where all the stuff went. Sometimes one of the kids would leave out something and as soon as I got my mouth on it, someone yelled “No.” So I dropped it. Later, I figured out if I kept my toy in my mouth, I got yelled at less. I also discovered if I lay my toy next to something I want to chew, like Mom’s clothes, I can pretend I am chewing my toy, but really be chewing Mom’s clothes. It worked for a little while, but Mom caught on. I did find a toy under one of the chairs. Dad was in the other room and no one was around. I was in the middle of ripping the insides out of the toy, like I am supposed to, when Dad walked back in and yelled at me. I don’t understand. I thought I was supposed to chew on things. It makes me feel better.

I spent the rest of the day chewing on my toy.

Mom brushed me today. She told me Swiffer needed to invent a sweeper that was enough for a two-dog household. I am not sure who Swiffer is, but I am considering . She also said she was going to need to sweep and vacuum every day. She mentioned a bath, but I am pretty sure she was talking to the other dog, Jasmine.

Side note: I need to figure out how to open doors. The kids go in other rooms and I cannot get in.

Mom’s Log: Better day. He is going to wear himself out soon enough. But that is good. We must keep him busy, so he finds a new purpose. Must remind kids hourly to keep their stuff picked up or else it’s trash.  


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