Retirement Day # 5

It looks like this thing with me roaming around the house is here to stay. My jaw is sore. I am not sure why. I did not feel like chewing on my toys too much today. We went on another walk and I met one of the two dogs down the road. She was young and playful. The human that was with her would not come close to me. Mom asked him if she was “dog aggressive.” He did not seem to know how to answer. Mom had a tight hold on my leash, but I had to pull to smell the other dog. Both Mom and the dog’s person smelled of fear. Mom’s fear smell went higher than the day one of the kids walked out the front door and she couldn’t find them. I just wanted to sniff the other dog. Mom told the other person that I was a good dog and not aggressive. But I could tell Mom was still scared.

Something else happened today, aside from me being tired. Dad got dressed in work clothes, but they smelled different. He left, without me.

He still isn’t home. He has been gone for a while and Mom is getting ready for bed. I am not sure if he will be home or why he left without me. I was laying in my kennel trying to figure out if I did something wrong, when Mom came over. She sat down in front of the kennel, called me out, and we sat there while she rubbed my head and back. She kept saying I was a good boy and it was okay. She said Dad would be home later and she was sorry. She smelled sad too. I think she misses Dad too. She tried to feed me, but I wasn’t hungry. She kept trying to get me to eat, and finally put some of a treat in it. I did eat some after that.

She put me in the kennel and shut the door. I am still waiting on Dad. I hope I didn’t do something wrong.

Mom’s Log

Shit. I thought for sure he would be distracted enough with everything else that it would not matter as much. But he has literally spent the last several hours curled up in the back of his kennel, depressed. I have never seen this sad of a look in his eyes. He literally has had the life knocked out of him and it is breaking my heart. I won’t tell my husband just how bad it is. I am sure he is adjusting to and it’s his first night back doing something different. He at least ate a little bit for me. God, I hope we can keep him busy enough to get through this. We need to find him a new purpose.


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