Retirement Day #6

Dad came home today. He was really tired. He fed me, then went to bed. I ran around with Mom the whole day. She pet me a lot today, kept telling me I was a good boy, and I got to play with the kids a lot.

Dad left for work again tonight and I was a little sad. But I got to keep following the kids and mom around, so that was pretty cool.

We also went for a walk again, and I made sure all the other dogs know I am coming through.

Mom’s Log:

Much better day. He moped about an hour, then just went right back to his 200,000 steps a day. He has been more gentle in playing with the kids, and much more loving towards me. He curls up on the bed after the kids go to bed and falls asleep.

This change is exhausting for him, but I really believe he is going to love his new life.

He still will not eat for me, but Shaun says it is possible he just is not hungry. He is not burning through the food he once needed when he was working.

Crazy thing is how quickly he just took on a whole new role and purpose, with only one day of depression.

This dog is amazing.


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