Sometimes it’s best to shut it

Standing in lawn and garden of well-known super store, I was seeking a fast and easy way to improve the overall appearance of our rock garden. It is speckled with invading greenery that is not welcome. I am looking at different brands of weed and grass killer, considering prices and effectiveness.

An older woman walking by speaks up to me in a familiar matter-of-fact tone. “You know, those chemicals cause cancer. You’d be better off just pulling them up yourself.”

I acknowledge her statement with a nod and smile, then turn back to these cancer causing chemicals. I, kindly, reply “I’m allergic to fire ant stings. So either I die in ten years from cancer or I die in 15 minutes from anaphylactic shock.”


Eventually she huffed and stomped off. I felt a little guilty, like perhaps I was at fault that she did not gather my sarcasm in life’s humor and irony.

Lately, I’ve been provided a lot of unsolicited advice and I’m not sure if there is a sign on my forehead suggesting I am in need of it. But when I reply, people either laugh WITH me or get angry.

Don’t give advice if you aren’t prepared to be informed you are ignorant to all the facts.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s best to shut it

  1. Jess Kitching, The Good In Every Day May 30, 2019 / 6:40 pm

    I wonder when we all stopped following the ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it at all’ advice. I agree with this – you don’t have to give an opinion on everything, especially things you aren’t clued up on


    • marsh782 May 30, 2019 / 10:54 pm

      I wonder that as well. Even though the negative comments from the Peanut Gallery come out here and there, there are good people out in public. I’ve had some women stop me and tell me I am doing a great job as a mom. Some have smiled and said “hang in there.” THAT is how we should treat each other- motivate and uplift. Not judge and criticize.

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      • Jess Kitching, The Good In Every Day May 31, 2019 / 12:04 am

        Definitely! It doesn’t take much to make someone smile or let someone know they’re doing a good job. Those kind words mean so much to hear as well


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